Saturday, May 29, 2010

the birth of a miracle ♥

{I figured it was time to post Ella's birth story, before she's ... ya know ... 20! This was mostly written at the hospital when Ella was in the NICU. It has needed some touching up since during that time I was not only unsure of what day of the week it was, I couldn't even tell you if it was light or dark outside. So - needless to say, the ramblings were a bit ... ramblily! :) Enjoy!}

Ella's Birth Story {Part One}

After spending an anxious night at home making sure everything was just right, we finally went to bed around 1am. Sometime in the middle of the night Josiah made his way to our bed, and when we woke at 5:30am, he rolled over and looked at me, smiled, and snuggled back to sleep. We arrived at the hospital at a little after 7am, to find that Dr. T had already been looking for us. We were told there was currently not an available room, so we sat in the waiting room. Dr. T came out to talk to us for a bit & told us he’d get us in a room, which he did in a super quick fashion {making me feel badly for the woman who was already in labor that was left sitting in the waiting room!}. I told him I was nervous and he promised me that somehow, some way he was getting me a baby that day! He made fun of my large suitcase and I told him that last time I was there for a week, with NO suitcase, so I came prepared this time!

Once in a room, he removed the cerclage and was showing it to us {gross, I know} when the nurse interrupted him, stating my uterus was in a long tight contraction {there is a medical term for this, but it escapes me}. Dr. T started to look concerned, and then they began frantically searching for her heartbeat … which took them 6 minutes to find. SIX flippin’ minutes. I’ve never seen Dr. T so frantic looking and in turn that made me frantic. Several other nurses came rushing in {apparently there is a secret emergency call button or something?}, with oxygen, Terbutaline shots, and a u/s machine. Finally, they found her heartbeat and we watched as it slowly rose to a normal level. Dr. T looked at her on the u/s to make sure she was okay. She was! {We actually kept the cerclage stitch. Grosser, I know!} We all nervously commented on the fact that it wasn’t really how any of us wanted to start the morning. A little fake laughter exchanges between us and nurses and the doc. This girl was drama from the moment she was conceived!

Around 9am they started me on Pitiocin and while I was contracting, it was bearable. Dr. T came in at noon and said he wanted to break my water {at my last u/s my AFI had decreased enough that he no longer felt the need to remove fluid before doing this – praise Jesus!}. He told the nurse to “be prepared for a flood”, and he slowly and carefully broke the bag, attempting to have it drain at a rather slow pace. The process seemed like it took forever, but I don’t think it was much more than 10 minutes. In the end he was pleased that we had no cord issues and the nurse told him he should have warned her to “build a dam” not just “prepare for a flood”. She also asked how she should rate the amount of fluid in the computer as the typical options are small, medium, and large … and they decided for me it would be marked as XXX large – ha! Triple X jokes were made all around- ha! Soon after the water broke, things got rather uncomfortable.

I had prepared myself with being okay to accept an epidural. I didn’t want other drugs, because I wanted a fully clear mind and didn’t want to feel loopy or drugged at all. I think the thought of an induction made me feel an epidural would be something to go for {it’s all physiological, I suppose!}. Which is good, because by 3pm I was ready {and honestly, probably would have taken anything they were willing to offer}. Finally dilated to 4, the miracle man came in. I was shaking so badly that I felt I needed to repeatedly apologize to the anesthesiologist who was about to stick a needle in my back. He joked back that “it’s always fun to have a moving target” {yeah, not helpful}. As soon as the epidural was in I contracted long and hard {again}, putting Ella in fetal distress {again}, followed by the room filling with lots of people {again}, and more Terbutaline shots and oxygen {again}. This time around they never actually lost her heart rate, it just declined at an alarming rate {at this point she was on an internal heart monitor, which is loads of fun in and of itself}, so it was a bit easier to stay calm on my part, although Jason had been asked to leave the room.

Dr. T promised he was going to be the one to deliver our girl, and he held to that. He spent the day and night at the hospital with us – although he wasn’t the “on call” dr. and wasn’t seeing other patients. Just hanging out waiting for Ella! Very cool, huh? He literally just spent the day chilling until she was ready. Sacrificing his family, his free time. We are blessed.

Things progressed nicely {and happily} from there and around 8pm we started pushing. She was born at 8:33pm on Thursday November 5th, 2009 and was the tiniest thing ever!

To be continued...!


  1. I love reading about your miracle girl :)

  2. what a beautiful story. It's great that you wrote about the tinest details because when Ella is 20 you can remind her how drama she was from the moment she was conceived!