Thursday, May 27, 2010

Daily peek!

I mainly blog as a scrapbook of our life. I want to be able to look back on these things and remember. Sometimes it's more then that, but I think this facet is my number one reason for blogging. All that to say, I lack time {to be sitting in front of the computer, anyway} - but I really want to capture more! So, the daily peek - a simple photo, maybe some words. A bit of our day, without rules{which means I don't have to do it everyday!!}! Enjoy!

Josiah and I discovered this guy in the yard. This was the best photo I could get before he got away.

She didn't sleep well! Terrible runny nose & a little fever. Today I went to a pharmacy in Los Al and finally invested in this. I hate snot, it makes me gag; so you can only imagine how much joy I have in using something called a snot sucker - but so far it works so much better then anything else we've tried {pretty certain she has seasonal allergies}.

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