Sunday, May 16, 2010


{Picture of me and roomie goes here; which might never happen based on roomie’s past history of photo sharing! Ha!}

This past weekend the ladies of our church gathered for a women’s retreat. It was an amazing experience for me in many ways, a few of which I’ll share!

I first heard of the retreat plans in January, I believe. And from that point on I can say I’ve been blessed to watch the weekend take form. I was in charge of a few things, which really aren’t important, but I do want to say that is fun to take care of the small details of things. I think I relish in small details. ;)

Anyway, all of the stress that leads up to these events finally diminished {for me, anyway} Friday afternoon; and from that point on I seriously got to watch God move.

I went into the weekend ready for ME time. I gazed at the fireplace and pictured me and a cup of tea and sweet, sweet quite time. God, however, was ready to delve me into the lives of some sweet women. I had amazing talks, and amazing laughter, and amazing prayer, and amazing tears with several girls, and I am so, so, so thankful that I was pushed into those moments. I heard heartache and struggle and confusion and was moved. I saw words that could have only been seriously Spirit lead spoken over these very same women and I was awed. I saw a precious soul step forward to do what the Lord was telling her to bravely do and I literally cried like a baby. I big time heart girl time, don’t you?

I got several tidbits for my own life and circumstances and had great encounters myself, but I walked away with deepened relationships and a strong sense of a desire to intercede for people like never before. That’s never been my thing. Selfish much? Maybe. I walked away from the weekend feeling like it wasn’t about me. It was about … well, I am not sure I’ve worked through it all yet. Raw relationships, intercession, compassion, boldness … and things I’ve yet to figure out.

Our talk was about Psalm 23, and I can say that this current season of my life is one that is on the other side of a valley {and many of you have walked that valley with me, thank you!} … I can currently see the goodness overflowing behind me. I know there are valley’s ahead, but it is so, so sweet to sit in this place.

Saturday night I was overwhelmed. Or maybe just exhausted, I don’t know. I attempted the girls’ night thing, but found myself unsettled, so I retreated, planning to sleep and instead discovered that bit of quite time waiting. I suppose God knew what my heart needed!

I’m not sure if any of this makes sense. To me even. But writing it out is part of the process, so I type away! I am so thankful for all of the heart and prayer that was put into this week and for some sweet women and their vulnerability. And to my Father, who allowed me to literally see Him speak to my sisters and whisper something to my own heart! Amazing!

By the way, our speaker was Laura Kramer and you should really click on her name so you can check her and her goodness out. :)

{and full on side note, but Jason kept the kids; his first night alone with Ella! He did great and I love my hubs and his sacrifice {a conference meeting} and devotion to our family! Personally I did well on my own, although I must say pumping is nowhere near the same as feeding so we were … uh, awfully uncomfortable and could not wait to feed Ella, my goodness! He brought her to me Saturday night b/c I didn’t have enough stored up pumped milk at home {and I desperately needed to feed her!} and Jason had to preach on Sunday}. So she got a little girl time as well, my sweet princess!}

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