Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Backtracking to Father's Day

For Father’s Day weekend my mom and Roger invited us to join them in Nevada for a family reunion. We accepted! So Friday morning we were off, driving in the beautiful middle of no-where.
We stayed in Pahrump {which is just plain fun to say}; the ‘rents hooked us up with a very nice suite {thank you parents!}.

We hung out with family and spent a day in the pool relaxing.

This is the door that Josiah ran into. SO FUNNY. He got up and ran like he was a cartoon character or something and slammed right into the glass. He stood up, rubbed his head, opened the door, and proceeded outside. {the photo is from inside, the sign points out}

Sunday, after check out, Andrew and I had talked about driving to Vegas {about an hour away} to treat Jason to dinner at Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill. Jason is a huge Bobby Flay fan and I know has always wanted to eat at the Mesa Grill, however the prices are out of our normal dinner spending range, so we’ve never eaten there. I checked our time share and there was a 1 bedroom opening – perfect! Some scheduling things came up so we ended up telling Jason about our plans – and he was thrilled!
Drew and Cesar.
Drew holding the Eiffel Tower.
A bazillion people walked by us and stated "Hey! It's Carlos." I put her headband on her and they still did it. Those of you who have seen the movie will get that, the rest of you, good for you!
This is what happens when Josiah gets the camera.

Daddy and daughter. Ella's FD shirt reads "Who needs a superhero when I have my Dad!"

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