Thursday, June 17, 2010


When we renewed our passes last year we downgraded to the cheap-o ones, which means this week was our last chance to visit Disneyland for the summer. We went several days in a row, for rides, shows, etc. It was busy and hot, but fun! We watched Fantasmic and Josiah was on Jason's shoulders ... the dragon came out and Josiah yells "Whoa! Let's get out of here!" ... making our whole section laugh! I love watching Ella as she starts to have intrest in new things. And of course, we love Disney!

Always full of excitment!
{Yes, I would be one of THOSE mothers who takes a hat off the rack to take a photo, then promotly puts it back, instead of paying a bazillon dollars for the cute Minny headband she'll never keep on!}

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