Saturday, June 05, 2010

Ella, at 7 months …

You can sit up on your own! You finally decided to sit up from tripod mod and have been doing so well since! You’re still trying new fruits and veggies. It's giving you lots of pudge. I love it!

You are such a talker. You say MaMaMaMaMa, and of course that means you’re calling your Mama! You also say the Da sounds, as well as many others. You used to hate car rides, but now you laugh and squeal and talk the whole time. It cracks us up.

You are wearing 3-6 month clothing still.

You get into anything and everything. You especially like paper and piles of folded clothes. And you eat whatever you can. Paper, folded clothes. Iris's. Whatever. You are a full on mommies girl right now. It’s full on Mama mode! You are so happy, as long as you’re being cuddled by mommy or daddy. You can reach for me now and I love it!

You weigh close to 16 pounds.

You’re eyes are still a bluish grey and I am starting to doubt the brown! I have no idea what color they will turn out to be! You’re itsy bitsy bits of hair are light brown, maybe dark blonde! I can’t wait to see more of it, but I also love your rockin’ bald head!

If left alone in your crib with your diaper {you still wear cloth}, you will remove it!

You love books as much as your brother! Hope that sticks {for the both of you}! You can play peek a boo! And every time you get near any fabric that’s what you want to do! I can’t leave you laying on a blanket and walk away because if I do you’ll put the fabric over your head and sit there until someone says “where’s Ella!?”. Excuse my baby voice:

You are such a sunbeam and I am hopelessly in love! {click on photo to enlarge the cuteness!}

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  1. Anonymous2:16 PM

    What a doll baby! So happy for your beautiful family! I had so much fun with my girls and Jesse at this age, seeing little Ella makes me want to bust out the old home movies of when mine were just starting to sit up and talk. Wish I could have frozen them in time! Melisa