Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Doing Summer {on a budget}

So, as a first year stay at home mom during summer, I personally plan to live it up. Last year I was on bed rest and throwing a public pity party about it {sorry ‘bout that!}, so this year I want to soak in every moment, especially since I have this miracle baby actually HERE now!


We're on a budget. Like I spent $23 at McDonalds tonight for dinner because I had a majorly bad day and had been at the church since 2 and had planned on cooking there; came prepared; but the children weren’t allowing a moment of peace, sweet peace or at least moments of semi-calmness so no cooking happened and I was ready to chop my own head off so we went to McD’s {follow that? I rock as a mother, I tell you!}. Anyway, when the Mc Donald’s lady informed me it was costing $23 to feed my family dinner I had a mini panic attack. Seriously. Who wants to write THAT in your money book. Yup, not me. So anyway, back to we have limited money and the money we do have I stupidly spent at McDonalds.

I want days of fun. Free. Or cheap.

These are my ideas {btw, my community rocks and provides lots o fun for us!}:

- Sign up for a summer reading program at your library. Josiah is super excited about this!

- Movies in the park. Our city has them 3 nights a week! {Free!}

- Movies at the beach! Guess what? 3 nights a week! {Free!}

- Movies at a local movie theater. Ours has a summer program with, you guessed
it, FREE movies 2x a week!

- Community splash parks. We could spend HOURS upon hours there.

- Have you heard of Kids Guide? Endless fun!

- If you live near us: 100 days of summer!

- Free museum days {google it! It’s true!}

- Slip in Slides and mini-pools in the backyard.

- BBQ dinners eaten outside.

- Bowling for FREE!

I could go on! Who needs to sit and do laundry and dishes when the sun is shinning? {Kidding, wives, please take care of your homes! Just in a more relaxed fashion when the sun is shinning! Yay!}

What does your family do for summer fun?

And I leave you with some beach photos of us {I know this is a post about summer and we’re mostly bundled up like bunnies, but it was super windy at night!}

This is Jay's "mom stop taking photos of me NOW" face, and in about a minute he is going to point his finger at me and grunt out "stop it pleeaaassseeeee!". I have lots of those photos. I should show you one soon!

Why I love where I live. And why I love God. Simply amazing, isn't it?

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