Sunday, August 08, 2010

I make milk – what’s your superpower?

EDITED: If you're looking for the shirts I got them at Motherhood Maternity in 2005!

In honor of World Breastfeeding Week, I thought I would share a bit of our story with you!

Someone recently asked me why I choose to breastfeed and why I was so passionate about it. To be honest, I had never really thought about it until that point. When I delivered Grace and Olivia I lactated. For over a week I had to wrap my breasts in an ace bandage to make them stop producing milk. For someone with no babies to feed, it was awful. I was given a glimpse at how amazing God created us. That we, as mothers, produce the most perfect food for our babies. No cost, all natural – it’s just what we’re made to do. So after that experience – I decided that, if ever given the chance, I would breastfeed. When I got pregnant with Ella I read a few books and enrolled in a class.

Ella was born in a hospital where the baby is put to the breast within a ½ hour of birth. She didn’t eat. But I tried. Turns out she was very sick and ended up spending 8 days in the NICU. During that time I literally had a lactation consultant at my beck and call. {But note, that most hospitals have LCs you can contact from home as well as support groups; something most insurances will pay for. You don’t have to be IN the hospital to acquire help.}

Given her teeny weight we had challenges, especially regarding how much she was actually eating; we did some pumping and expressed milk feeding. We overcame our challenges {with help!} and now have an easy, wonderful feeding regime. I plan to exclusively breastfeed until she’s a year, if she’ll have me and extend breastfeed for as long as she’ll let me {well, not FOREVER, lol!}.

There are so many available resources. Lack of milk, pain, etc. There are solutions. It is work. It is a seriously tough commitment, even now I feel that. But it is SO worth it! I realize that there are people who simply cannot breastfeed {health, severe PPD, etc.} and I am not trying to bash, but rather encourage.

For Ella and I it has created an amazing bond. It is has been a special time for us, from the begining. I almost miss those 3am feedings with me + her + a book. It's a comfort I can offer her, a power food I can give her. It saves us money, it strengthens my daughter! It is literally one of the most amazing things I have ever been given the honor to do! Yes, it can be time consuming. There are days of frustration where I would like my boobs to be my own {ha!}. In the beginning I was leery of making others uncomfortable by feeding her in public {w/ a Hooter Hider, I am not that brave!}, but I quickly got over that. Though we were recently on our way to an out of state family reunion and I fed Ella at our table during a food stop inside a Bob’s Big Boy, simply because it was literally 115 degrees outside {typically it is something I would do in our car, or outside, not in a restaurant}. I figured I would never see those people again and I was attempting to be discreet. We arrive at the reunion and a man I’ve never met but am somehow related to tells me that he recognizes me from Bob’s Big Boy b/c I was feeding my daughter and that’s not something you see every day. Ha! In the end, all of the joy outweighs any bit of trouble and I am so grateful for the oppurtunity to literally take part in one of God's seriously unfathomable plans! {can you imagine Eve's reaction when God told her that she would have babies born knowing how to suckle and milk would come from her breasts! Really!?}

Anyway, that’s our story! I hope someday I am blessed enough to do again with another child!

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  1. Ahhhh, how I wish I had put forth more effort at making ABF work for us.