Saturday, August 07, 2010

Need travel help!

5 days in March

No kids

10th anniversary

Honeymooned here

So-so budget

He's always wanted to go to Canada and Florida - he's never been out of North America

She's always wanted to go to Ireland and Nashville - she's spent a month touring Europe

Loves roadtrips and adventure

No cruises

Okay with flying

No snow

No place we'd want to take our kids at some point

Ready, go!

Idea's please!


  1. You could visit us in Turkey?

    I've been to Nashville. It's a great city.

    I think the major question is: do you want just R & R? Or do you want to "do" stuff as well.

    If you want R & R, I would choose a resort somewhere. John and I went to Mexico for a week. I spent nearly the entire week reading in a hammock. It was amazing.

  2. I've heard Croatia is amazing.

  3. Jeniffer Rivera-Puls6:13 PM

    How about Puerto Rico? You could fly there. Outside of North America but still technically part of the US, no passports necessary. Not as expensive as say flying to Europe. You will probably pass Florida on the way. No snow, no need to take the kids there any time soon. As far as adventure you've got the mountains, rain forest and the ocean all very close to each other. I've never been personally but some of my friends have and they loved it.