Friday, August 06, 2010

Nine months! It feels like a milestone!

But I am not sure why? And really, wasn’t my sweet girl born, like yesterday!!?

Ella babe … your 8 month update is lost in the “my computer broke and it didn’t finish transferring everything over to the external drive because we had an earthquake and I freaked and closed the computer in my efforts to scream and save my children; Lord only knows how I will actually behave when the big one hits, but someone somewhere please, please be able to retrieve the 2nd half of Ella’s birth story off of it somehow, and I will owe you my life” fiasco. Seriously. But here’s where you are at now, at 9 months:

You weigh 18 pounds. Recently we were at the doc for your big brother and the front receptionist commented how when you were born we had to monotior your weight so closely and bring you in weekly for weight checks b/c you were so tiny and now you’re huge!

You clap and cheer!

You kind of wave bye bye.

You don’t properly crawl very far yet, but you manage to get from point A to point B with no problems. Sometimes you get up in crawling postion look at us, sit back down and cheer, and then repeat. So silly!

You pull yourself up to standing. {**Excuse the photo, I was folding laundry on my bed! We have the rail b/c we are currently co-sleeping. Which people often comment oddly to, as if it’s something we allowed to happen to us rather then something we choose to purposely do with you at this point in life. I recently read how a baby's breathing pattern will mimic her mothers in co-sleeping babies and that’s just another reminder of how fascinating God created us. Ella will be with us until she weans herself from nighttime nursing, at least. Yes, I am surprised at how much tords attachment parenting we’ve leaned. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out the “right thing” to do, from books to docs, etc.; until I heard the best piece of parenting advice ever given to me “If you were on a deserted island, and you know what you know and you didn’t have to listen to everyone else’s opinion … how would YOU choose to raise your child, what is natural for the 2 of you.” And then I stopped seeking, and started our parenting plan.} Anyway, Ella likes to pull herself up to standing, especially while hanging out in her crib, and then LET GO, like she thinks she can just stand!

Your current favorite toys are: water bottles, phones, wooden blocks, Tupperware and a wooden spoon, any sort of paper, and your drums. Notice only 2 of those are actual baby toys. I think for Christmas we are going to buy you and your bro a new set of Rubbermaid and you’ll both be happy.

You’ve been swimming a ton and you still love the water. I give you baths in the kitchen sink now a days and you love it, but hate getting out. A few weeks ago you had a bit of a cold, so while your brother was swimming in our little backyard pool I set you and I up on a blanket and filled a shallow dish with water for you to splash. I thought you would love it, but instead you immediately picked it up and poured it on me. And THEN laughed!

You are in 6-9 months/ 6-12 months clothing and a size 3 or 4 show. Not that you will keep a shoe on longer then what it takes for me to drive to anywhere. You also hate the process of getting dressed.

You like to bang things together like a cymbal. You love music.

You take your diapers off. And since you wear cloth, that’s just loads of fun.

You aren’t into solids. You love carrots and yams. But most everything else you have no interest in. We recently tried melon. I am not concerned for you, just about a dr’s lecture, but I know you are fine on breast milk alone for a couple more months. Still you are offered solids every day.

Keeping with the inquisitive personally you were literally born with, you are into everything, interested in everything and must check things out.

You still have no teeth, tho it seems like you've been teething for like 6 months!

You laugh so much; I think the last few weeks have been my favorite. You smile at everything especially family. You are such a joy!

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