Monday, August 02, 2010

Quinceanera and kisses

I hate having to back track. I realize it isn't necessary for you, the reader, but it is my way of organizing our memories. For us. For review. But seriously, this whole broken computer thing bites big time. For now, for today, I am going to share something that we did this past weekend ... the backtracking can come later.

Andrew was asked to be involved in his friend Alexis' Quinceanera. It was a rather large commitment on his part, given they would be practicing a minimum of once a week for 6 months. The party was Saturday night, and I must tell you that I loved it! I loved getting dressed up with my man! And going on dates! And kissing in the car before we go inside to get the kids. It's like being a teenager again! Isn't he hot?

I love the people we sat with. The woman next to us was fun and clued me into all things Quinceanera. I was amazed at the detail {and money, to be honest} put into the event.

I love watching Drew with his friends. I heart this boy big time! {side note to tell you that Jason just whispered "sppppp!" and I look over and he points and Ella and says "we have a baby!!!". Isn't that cute? He cracks me up!}.

Drew did an amazing dancing job, and I take all the credit for that, since I am the dancer in the family! Ha! {Not too sure I can touch my toes now a days!} He was awesome though, and it was so fun to watch him in his element. This is him and Alexis. Sweet, sweet, sweet!

So, back to backtracking soon! {But I also realize that I used to share thoughts, and I know I feel I rush to share photos ... season of life, I guess? BUT I do have a little something for you coming up! 25 things I don't want you to know about me! AH!}.

p/s - I am not sure I like the border things on the sides of the blog. Thoughts?

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  1. You all look great. (Love Drew's shoes).
    I've never attended a quinceanera before, but I worked in a party/wedding rental store for a summer in my younger days. I was amazed at everything that goes into planning one. It's at least as much as a wedding!

    I really must meet your family some day!

    I can't really see much of your blog border from my laptop, so I have no input. Maybe I can look from Marks computer later.