Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sweet summer

{I have no idea why this post formatted all weird! sorry!}
I can hardly believe summer is coming to a close, though as always I am incredibly excited about fall! It is my absolute favorite season, and I could just spend moment after moment breathing it in.

I have a lot in my “waiting” photo file that I’ve yet to document. Like the days of backyard laziness

Or mudpark visits

Or examples of what happens at VBS when the pre-k teacher takes a day off!

Josiah got accepted into a Preppy K program. We are holding him back from K for the year, and I’ve spend the better part of the summer trying to find the correct place for him. As of today he is enrolled! The program is specifically target for children with special needs and/or referrals from counselors {and his speech therapist}. I think it will be a great place for him a few hours a day. I struggled with my desire to home school vs my feeling unequipped to handle Jay Jay. For now, I believe giving the school system a try is the right decision. There are so many resources and specialists to assist him with his different needs. We will see how it goes! We are, however going to do a 36 week curriculum on the Bible, character and stewardship beginning the Tuesday after Labor day. So my homeschooling bug has not been squashed entirely. I was listening to the radio the other night and the speaker said word that completely gave me peace about what Josiah needs and our experience with the Preppy K class today seals it for me. I am so excited for him! We’ve had some problems getting him in with a new therapist {his quit to become a vet, no kidding!}. I feel like I’ve been on the phone regarding this all summer as well; but hopefully it will be worked out soon. . He recently started seeing a new neurologist, which has been interesting.

Personally, I’m working on getting a new fall schedule into play. We’ve been relaxed over the summer, and it’s time to re-arrange the schedule. That excites me too! Time to re-vamp the home management book and set new goals! {Is It terribly sad that this all makes me a little giddy?}

I can almost smell the apple crisp!

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