Sunday, September 05, 2010

Ella, you are 10 months old!

SO big!

:: You are now crusing the table and couch. You'll be walking in no time, I am sure of it!

:: You crawl so quickly, I can turn my back and you're gone.

:: You start to clap when you hear music. Especially during worship at church. You've almost got blowing kisses down as well.

:: I'm not sure exactly how much you wiegh,but my guess would be between 19 and 20 pounds.

:: You laugh so much and it's so fuuny!

:: You are getting better with some people, but you rarely crack a smile for a stranger. Usually you glare. I get a lot of "she's so serious!". Ha! If they could only see you home! With people you know, however you're getting a lot better at hanging out with them while mommy and daddy are around. No more crying for us the minute you see us {with a few select folks, that is}.

:: You are doing okay w/ eating solids. But you'd rather not, it's that simple. We started feeding you puffs too, and you generally choke on those {or gag, I should say - not really choking}.

:: You are the sweetest little girl around! I can't believe your first birthday is just around the corner!

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