Saturday, September 04, 2010

A final summer trip & dad.

Several months ago we found ourselves with 2 free nights at the Avi hotel which, rather conventionally, is about 15 minutes down the Colorado river from my dad's house. We finally found a date that worked all around and made the drive out there on Sunday after Jason got off work {in other words, when church was over}.

We hung out with Dad that night, and the next day spent time in the Avi pool and took a trip to Oatman while everyone else worked. Monday night we went back for more family time. We left Tuesday morning, making it a rather quick trip. It was really nice to spend a little time with my Dad and his family, and having Ella and Jay getting to hang out with them. It was also really nice to just get out of town for awhile. We all had so much fun - even Jay was on his best behavior over all.

While we were in Oatman, Jay had got out of the car and a wild mule {they roam the town} pretty much climbed into the car and started eating Josiah's happy meal! It was so funny! I coaxed him {her?} out by feeding it fries out of my hand. We also saw a gunfight with a robber and the sherrif, which is why you see a dead guy in the photo ... ;)
We bought a bamboo wind chime, which we put by the back door, and I love it! My mother-in-law loves wind chimes and I've always loved her bamboo one. So we saw several and Jason told me to pick out the one I liked the best! I love hearing it. We also spent several hours in their awesome pool, and had lot's of fun there.

Making memories! And saying so long to summer ... school starts in 3 days!

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