Sunday, October 17, 2010

Because all little boys need to have a superhero party.

Josiah turns 5 tomorrow. Or in 1 hour and 45 minutes. Crazy. He has been in our home for half of his life.

We threw him a superhero party today. I allowed him to choose everything. He picked the people who were invited, he picked the food, and he picked the games. In other words, it wasn’t about me. Because heaven knows I love to plan a party {also read as: control everything}.

So he had his friends, and his batman shaped PB & J sandwiches and popcorn and mac and cheese and his Ampa made a bubble machine for his party. What else could a 5 year old want, really? {“Bubble machine” = contraption that allows you to essentially STAND in the middle of a really huge soap bubble}.

We played an X-ray vision game that turned into a spaghetti fight and swung at a Spiderman piƱata. We decorated personal capes and Josiah really wanted his to be Veggie Tales. We pinned the superman emblem on the cape and ate lots of cake.

Jay’s bestfriend was on vacation, but aside from that I think it was the perfect day for him.

I always feel so blessed to see people come around him and truly love him. ;)

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  1. Happy Birthday! (LOVE that last picture of your family.)