Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The day he loses his appendix.

Over the summer we had a weekend long hospital visit with Drew. I don’t think I posted about it because it was right around the time my computer went nutso and I lost all my photos. Anyway, the short story is that they thought his appendix needed to come out and then they changed their mind and decided that maybe he had a virus and then he got to go home. Story over. He spent a month with us over the summer, and I want to backtrack to share some photos from that time. I love when he’s here.

Fast forward to now, he presents with the same pain. Heads to the hospital again. Gets a few things, one of which is riding in a ambulance, checked off his bucket list. Tests. Again. And then … this afternoon, his appendix was removed. They were able to do it laparoscopy, praise Jesus. Poor boy!

I can’t help but think of the pain {and money} that would have been saved had it been removed the first time around, but I suppose there were reasons.

He’s also on a mission to lower this weird random high blood pressure thing. It appears to have been good recently, and we hope it remains.

I know appendix’s are not necessary and it’s common, but I feel our guy has had far too much hospital time lately. So, if you could pray for his recovery, we’d appreciate it! He is an athlete and we’re not sure how long he’ll be out. He also has some fun activities coming up I know he’d be bummed to miss. But more importantly, we’d like him to heal well and fully and quickly!

Thanks friends!

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  1. Anonymous4:58 AM

    Oh big bummer! We will be praying for him. Hope he feels better soon!!!!