Thursday, October 14, 2010

Ella Brooklyn, at 11 months …

{a little late in posting this, had some up loading issues!}

You are cruising furniture with no problem. Sometimes you are so excited that you just keep going once you’ve reached the end of the couch, or bed, or etc. And then you fall down.

You got your first teeth! At 10 ½ months your front bottom tooth popped through; with the one next to it makes it’s appearance right after.

You wear 6-12 and 9-12 month clothing. When in a disposable diaper, you wear a size 3. You wear a size 3 shoe. We’ve searched high and low for some you can’t wrangle off in a matter of minutes.

You will dance at the first sounds of any music. It is so funny. My word, I love it. We tell you to shake your booty and you shake your head.

You are still pretty much bald my dear! The hair is growing in, and I think it’ll be a dirty blonde. Your eyes look very much like your daddies with a light brown and green mixture. I wonder if they’ll darken?

You hate getting dressed and getting your diaper changed.

You are still doing so well at breastfeeding, but you’ve also gotten much better and solids. I think you might get to eat that birthday cake after all!

You can stand on your own for a tiny bit. Lately I’ve been watching you try to step out, but it hasn’t quite worked yet.

I know I say this at every age, but right now is my favorite. You play so much and laugh so much and it’s just so funny. I love watching you play with things and try to figure things out. You play really well with Josiah right now too. {this is the crazy-ness we call our house}

You’ve gone into the church nursery and STAYED without crying! You are going during my moms group and on Sundays. You are doing so well. I sometimes peek on you and as long as you don’t see me you continue playing with the other kids.

You snuggle when you sleep now. Not like baby snuggle, but almost like Josiah would. You move your head to our shoulders and hug.

One more month, baby! AH!

And just for fun, here is what Ella looked like one year ago ...

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  1. She is such a darling girl!! Love her giggle! So high pitched and girly!!!