Sunday, October 31, 2010

God is bigger then the boogieman!

For Halloween this year Josiah insisted on being a golfer. He saw the costume in a catalog we had and he was adamant it. We tried to talk him into being a firemen or Luke Skywalker or something ... but he wanted the golfer. So I found it on Ebay and got it for a great price {but, it stunk! We tried 3 times to de-stink it, to no avail. Which is a bummer b/c I planned on re-selling it, but I wouldn't feel right selling a stinky costume! It was new w/ tags in bags, but musty! Poor boy, lol!}.

Ella was a ladybug! She wore her favorite buddy Isabel's first baby costume. It was so sweet. She doesn't at all look happy in this photo, but she loved it!

I didn't get good shots of them tonight, but we took them to Penny's yesterday, so I'll post those when I get them. I think I have finally figured out the portait studio thing. We bought the portait club member do-da awhile ago, which is good for 2 years, which means we never have sitting fee's, but for awhile there it seemed it still cost a lot to get photos done. I learned to come with coupon in hand, and BE STRONG! Ha! So, for a whooping $7 and change I got a individual shots and a group shot of them in costume with an adorable background! Anyway, I can't wait to share those!

Tonight we went to church and then trick or treating and then to a friends house. Josiah said it was the "best candy day ever!".

Look at me a year ago! That belly was huge! Now my girl is!

Isn't this the cutest costume ever? Josiah loves Brandon to death ... he is such a sweet boy. His mom made this costume - so clever! His big bro was "God's gift to women". Ha!

I thought Josiah would LOVE seeing Scooby. He glanced over and said "MOM, that is not the REAL Scooby Do, that is JUST Ryan." Ha! Ella wasn't sure what to think of him!

Here were our kids this morning at church. Josiah went back and forth between knowing the words and not knowing them, but he was still so cute:

And for some extra sweetness, here we bare all! ;) Sigh, I heart baby buns!

Before candy took over my mind, we went out with Jason's staff last night for a church service in Glendale and then out to a great dinner! It was so nice to have adult time! Here we are on the way out with our leftovers and smiles!

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