Friday, October 29, 2010

I {big, puffy} heart the farm!

This is, by far, my favorite family tradition. Riley's Farm. I could sit under a maple tree all day! And I want to live in the colonial house. Think that'd be okay? {sigh}.

I don't have much more to say then that ... so rather than go on and on about my love with all things colonial and apples and autumn, I will grace you with some amazing caputered moments ->

"the perfect pumpkin" was picked. 3 times. Carved once. Half of bushel of apples picked and boxed and the ingredients for apple crisp in the kitchen. The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown was watched. I guess I am ready for Halloween!

And I couldn't leave you without sharing quite possibly the cutest picture I have ever taken:

AND the top Ella is wearing I made last night around 1am {in case you wondering where on earth I found such an ADORABLE top. HA!} With no pattern. Which is so NOT me {not the trying to get stuff done last minute thing, that is SO me ... it's the no pattern thing, b/c I tend to be a bit of a ... uh, control freak}. Thus it doesn't really fit my lil' chunker and had to be cut up the sides. I might do a little surgery on it tomorrow so she can wear it again on Sunday morning. Then again, that might make it worse. Ha!

***Career Day update: Josiah wore his school uniform. When he grows up he wants to be "the person who takes care of Ella", and I can't get any other answer out of him, so no dress up day!

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  1. I love the picture of you and Ella with the beautiful trees behind you!