Saturday, November 06, 2010

the one in which we get no sleep and have a party.

For Ella's birthday, I wanted something simple. We had a brunch this morning, which all during planning stages sounded like a I am a super smart mom, this is a fantastic idea.

But yesterday Ella decided she didn't want to sleep. Call it birthday fun. Call it the cupcake we helped her smash into her mouth to create cute photo {see post below}. I even resorted to the "I am going to drive around until she falls asleep" secret plan. I drove to my mom's around 10:30pm ... she grins the whole way. I drive home about a half hour later, thinking surely, she'll fall asleep on the way home. I pull up, turn to look at her and get a "HI". Beautiful. Did she not understand that mommy had A LOT to do, and mommy couldn't do it while holding/ playing with Ella? Nope, she did not.

She fell asleep at 1:30am. No kidding.

I woke up at 6am, thinking that she would sleep in late and I could get some stuff done. She did not. She woke too. As did Josiah, and his "I stole 5 cupcakes and then ate them while you weren't looking, good morning mommy" self.

So we were a tired bunch.

I was however, happy with the way things looked, and for the most part that was all that mattered {hey, I've had 10 years to plan a girls first birthday!}, Basically, we invited family, our parenting mentors, and those who have been involved in praying for Ella, caring for our family and have been close enough to watch her grow over the last year. I don't feel I was able to talk to a single one of them today - not really, anyway; but that's the way parties go, yes? In all we had about 30 people stop by, and though Ella was off in new toy land - it means a lot to us that people want to share in these moments.

I didn't take great photos. I have no family pics or any cute shots with her really. She wore her tu-tu and a shirt with a 1 on it. She also had an adorable birthday hat, which I bought from this Etsy seller, but she hated it on her head.

Decorating is my favorite part. I had a hard time with Jay's party b/c I was trying to do what HE wanted without imparting my own decorating agenda! Even if only our families were coming over for her day, I think the little details are so important and worth every effort!

So ... I made and hung cupcake liner pom poms from our tree. I cut tree branches, spray painted them a goldish color, stuck them in an old white large pitcher and hung photos of Ella at each new month from the branches. I made pendents for her high chair flair and for this window frame we had out. I used a happy birthday sign made from scrapbook paper and my Cricut from a few years back. We put out small round table's and on had small mason jars with a few flowers and photos of Ella in the center. Inside I put my favorite photos of her near the food table. Basically everything Ella. Stuff only a mom could love. So if you were here, sorry, lol! Sigh, I love details.

We served egg casserole's {which is a wonderful recipe I'll need to share with ya'll soon!}, pink pancakes, scones, muffins, and hashbrowns. My mom and a few friends helped me abundantly, especially with last minute details. My brain has never fully recovered from baby mush and the old me would have every detail written on a list ... my new self can't remember where I put my list. My mom made a Care bear cake - the same as she made me for MY first birthday party; included was my 1 candle! We can't locate photos of me with my cake right now, but when we do, I'll share!

It's hard to believe it's all come and gone! I haven't even shared part 2 of her birth story yet. Sigh ...

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