Thursday, November 11, 2010


I am {feeling like} a single mom today. Jason worked from about 8am to 10:30pm last night and pretty much the same today ... so I just have to say that I give major props to all actual single moms & those moms whose husbands are off fighting for our freedom. I am a wimp without my husband home!

Anyway, b/c of this I PLANNED a non-routine day, which often is rough on Jay, but the "planning" part made me feel less guilty. ;)

So, we did crafts ... one for Veteran's day and one for Thanksgiving. Here is a great link and pattern for this adorable acorn we made today:Scroll down to fall acorn craft.

We went to the park. We have two parks within {comfortable} walking distance, and I choose the furthest one. See, the furthest park has more trees and leaves for me to plop Ella for cute photos. Jason would have totally seen through my cute photo at the park ploy, but Josiah was none the wiser.

We made our living room a "movie theatre" and watched a movie.

And now we're sleeping. We'll I am typing, and trying to stay awake so I can see my hot man when he gets home!

Hope you enjoyed your Veterans Day!


  1. Just AWESOME Pictures! I had a most meaningful Veteran's Day because my 5 year old Graandson called to wish me "Happy Veteran's Day Ampa"

  2. Great pictures! You always take great pictures though :)