Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Let’s start with FUN! Josiah finished his soccer season with a party at Chuck E Cheese. We really lucked out with our team, we were grouped with great families who shared similar values and such and the team gelled well together. Jason was very hesitant at coaching next year {assuming Jay chooses to play soccer next year} but I think the parents might have talked him into it. Anyway, Josiah had a blast and was amazingly well behaved and controlled. At Chuck E Cheese. Who knew! Ella had her first piece of pizza. And she ate the whole thing.

Now we can talk about the rest of my last week which has left me with no further finger nails to bite.

Both of our computers broke. Like the one I JUST BOUGHT 4 months ago. And Jason’s work laptop. In the very same day. Jason was scheduled to play music at Drew’s party and the stuff for that is on my laptop – so, bad news bears! Not to mention sermons and power points, etc. Our iron also broke, which is less concerning to me, but a huge deal to my husband who irons daily. When we got the new laptop {yup, just 4 short months ago} we opted to buy the ‘anything can happen to our computer and you’ll fix it for free’ protection plan because we have had some seriously bad computer luck. Thus, I am feeling ready to shuck the computer out the door and watch it slam onto the concrete. It’ll be fixed for free, no matter what, right? Crazy women takes frustration out on laptop.

Ella got sick around Thanksgiving and I took her to the dr once several weeks ago. We thought she was almost fully better but then early Saturday morning she spiked a 104 fever and was what we thought was wheezy, so we spent the better part of Saturday at the doctors. They diagnosed her with a sinus infection & sent us on our merry way with an antibiotic. Come Saturday night {at Drews birthday party} she ended up with another 103 fever {shortly after Motrin} and a horrid cough. I don’t know about you, but when something is wrong I have a hard time focusing on anything, and I just felt like mush that night. In the end Dr. Mom and Dr. Google diagnosed her with a) Croup or b) some life ending tumor in her trachea {am I the only mom who does this?} and I took her back in. I hadn’t even finished signing her in when the receptionist rushed us past the crowded waiting room and into the back to get her vitals checked. {oxygen levels = bad!}. She was not struggling to breath {thus I was not panicked}, but her breaths were labored and loud {which Dr. Mom has since learned is called stridor}. Anyway, turns out we were right and Croup is the verdict. She ended up with a breathing treatment and a short course of steroids, which dramatically improved her breathing. She’s on day 4 of fevers and sleeping upright {a lot of tree staring and infomercials for me!}, but I believe she’s now on the road to recovery and I know to head straight to the hospital with the breathing issues {I spoke several times with a on call nurse who kept telling me to “not worry” about breathing because her lungs were clear. I am glad I didn’t listen!}. The doctor we ended up with has a daughter named Ella {sweet!}, and talked to me a lot about stridor.

Drew officially turned sixteen. Which is how old I was when I met his one year old little self. Crazy, huh? He played in a game the night prior to his b-day and the following day was in a local paper, recognized as top scorer {I was ready to link to it, but I have reservations about listing where my kids attend school}.He had a big birthday party on Saturday night with all his family and his friends. His mom did a great job of putting it together! He wanted everyone who loved him to celebrate him in one place, and he wanted to have fun with his friends, and I think all of that was accomplished.

On Thursday morning, we got word that my grandma would probably not live through the night. It wasn’t exactly unexpected news {she’s had several strokes over the last year}, but I still don’t believe one is ever ready to hear things like that. I spent a lot of that day thinking about her and Ella. She fell in love with Ella, and I am so thankful they were able to spend time together. My cousin recently sent me an email saying that the spark I see in my grandma’s eyes around Ella is the spark she remembers seeing when my grandma played with me as a baby. I mentioned I am not a mutli-tasker when it comes to this stuff, so I spent that day busy trying to get things done so we could be prepared to deal with family stuff in the upcoming days. Turns out, almost a week later … my grandma is still alive. Her body is clearly shutting down, but she has been able to visit with lots of people in the last few days and I personally think that perked her up. However, waiting … for someone to die is just weird to me. If anything, I’ve learned that no matter what man says, God is the ultimate giver and taker of life, in His timing. I’d appreciate it if you’d pray for my family {Grandma has 5 children}. There are lots of decision needing to be made and issues needing solutions.

Christmas is in um, 2 weeks. We’ve so lacked on our advent and that so makes me sad. When something happens I get so off track. I didn’t even get out of my PJs today. I was reminded tonight that we can just pick back up, and that it’s okay! Is it lame I worry about these things?

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