Thursday, December 02, 2010

Sharing the sweetness.

We took our family photos a few weeks ago. I tell you I am going to be sad when my portrait club membership expires because I will not be able to afford having pictures taken so often. I am addicted to the backgrounds – Ha! AND, I’ve learned to say “NO”, which means my husband lets me drag our kids more often knowing I’ll only spend ten bucks.

You’ve probably noticed that my sweet girl is a ham at home. Camera out = smiles abound. Giggle, laughter, smiley. But when you take her to JC Penny she will not smile. Note my 2 adorable smiling children and Ella, who is ready to burst into tears.

THEN, someone said something and she thought it was funny and for one minute, just one little minute, she forgot about the unknown lady with the big camera … and she laughed. HARD.

Josiah, on the other hand HATES his photo being taken at home. He tells me to “go find Ella and take her photo” and he sticks his finger in my direction and yells NO.

But then you put him in the portrait studio and this happens.

This boy just looks handsome and modely at all times. Really – always.

Ella laughed here also.

I’ll share the family photos once we get our Christmas cards out. I am very pleased with them!

Now below you’ll see some photos of my golfer and ladybug {told you I drag them often!} Yes, no smiles from Miss Ella bella!

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  1. I love the pictures. I have a TERRIBLE time in the studio with Em these days. I don't even look forward to it. I'm going to take Em for pictures in her Christmas dress next week. I'm dreading it. :(