Monday, January 10, 2011


Have you seen the gym lately??

OMGoodness. It’s PACKED.

But guess what?

Next month the majority of those people who are there now will be back at home on their couches watching Dancing With the Stars {um, or whatever is on right now. The Bachelor? With that guy who was already on and wants a re-do?}.

{And for the record, I actually very much dislike the term OMG in any form … it drives me crazy; but it seemed to fit, you think?}

My point?

We make these goals and they last for like 3 days and we then we can’t do it anymore so we feel like a failure and quit.

Or is it just me?

Here, my friends, are some tools to simplify your life. A little planning, a little work ahead of time and we CAN be successful in creating new routines. The blog-world is full of amazing and talented people who are willing to share their awesome-ness with us … just sharin' the love!:

A GREAT Place to start.

This is something I’ve used every day since I became a SAHM. I would be lost w/out it.

A great way to get just about anything in order.

This is what my husband uses daily, and right now you can get it for free!

Your role as a mom should be intentional! Do you have a mission statement?

Another great resource.

Once a week Jason and I have a meeting. It’s literally written in our calendars. In it we go over money issues for the week making sure we’re staying on budget and not overspending {ha!, but Dave Rasmey would be proud of our efforts}, we go over our calendars for the following week, and we answer our marriage accountability questions {what did you need from me that you did not get last week; what can I do to serve you next week; how can pray for you in the days ahead}. What are some things you do to make your home run smoother?

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