Saturday, January 22, 2011

to celebrate grandma.

I have been a bad, bad blogger lately! The happenings in my head have been rather hectic – ha! In the past week I full on made a quesadilla without actually putting the cheese in it, put a tin of rice in the fridge, and had a stranger tell me I had a Winnie the Pooh sticker on my butt. To balance things out, I also successfully wore a pair of pre-pregnancy jeans and Ella finally has enough hair on her head to form one small curl in the back.;)

Today was my grandma’s celebration of life service. She desired a small burial, instead wanting her family and friends to join together for a celebration in remembrance. She was scheduled to be buried the same day the cemetery sort of fell apart due to the rain, so that was re-scheduled a bit!

Anyway, today faces who haven’t seen each other in a long time joined together to remember her. {wasn't she a hottie back in her hay day!?}

The children.

The grandchildren {minus 3}.

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