Monday, February 07, 2011

Ella, you are 15 months old!

Ella turned 15 months old on Saturday but she had her well child check this morning so I wanted to wait to update. I promise you won’t see posts saying “Ella is 58 months old!” … but she is still changing so much, I wanted a record of it.


You weigh 24 pounds and are in the 50% percentile for weight.

You are 30.5 inches long and are in the 50% percentile for height. Not bad for a girl born in the 4th percentile! ;)

You wear 12-18 month clothing and size 3 diapers when in disposables. You wear a size 4 shoe.

You say only a few words still, but you love to “sing”.{note, EAT is one of those words!}

You walk everywhere and are becoming quite the little miss independent. You even walk backwards.

You still night nurse, but before bed you’ll often choose the bottle over mama.

You love to climb and crawl through things. You LOVE our playhut.

Your favorite foods right now are beans and goldfish and whole wheat pasta with summer squash “sauce”.

You prefer to drink out of a straw over your little girl cup.

You are so NOT a morning person. Mommy has to wake you up every morning at 8:30. You still nap 2x a day, but I think we may be well on our way to dropping down to one.

You can throw trash away. Well, you take trash and drop it off right in front of the trash can. That counts, in my book.

If you and Josiah are both on the floor you MUST be sitting on his lap.

When we say “hug” or “love” you wrap your arms around yourself and twist and turn. You do the same with your dolly when we say “love your dolly”.

You clap at anything and everything.

You can point out your nose, ears, hair, foot, and belly. When I ask you if you poo-poo’d you look down to try to see.

You have been sick once a month for the last 4 months. Currently we’re back to new fevers and croup. I have cleaned this house from ceiling to floor with toothbrushes {uh, literally} just in case it was something in the house. I’ve pumped you up on foods. Dr. still doesn’t think we should be overly concerned, as apparently this cold season has been a bad one {she blames Josiah going to school- even though he’s not sick, he’s carrying everything}. I am beginning to be an expert on Croup.

You are such a girl, in the sense that you always are brushing your hair {or fuzz, sorry babe!}, you must always carry a purse or bag, you love your dollys, you cross your ankles whenever you are sitting, you love sparkles and ruffles. You’re so funny and it’s neat to see your personality come out.

I’ve already shown everyone your Popeye look, but it’s still active and in full force.

You have 4 top teeth and 2 bottom teeth.

You spin in circles all the time until you fall down and then you laugh. Except when you hit the coffee table and give yourself a shiner. You didn’t laugh then.

You love hearing books and will often bring them to us and then try to climb on our lap for story time.

You have started throwing tantrums and have shown your drama queen side. You’ve even tested out a few limits. Let the fun begin! Ha!

You are such a JOY and there is not a day that goes by that I am not in amazement that you are here and ours!

Andrew you are 194 months old! Ha! And officially braces FREE! Sweet boy looks so handsome and grown-up!

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