Thursday, March 17, 2011

10 years of marriage .:part one:.

Our anniversary has been pretty much a weeklong event, so I think documenting it might take a few days. The thought of trying to get it all together overwhelms me but I know if I don’t do it now I won’t do it at all and the memories won’t be recorded. Did ya’ll know you can have your blog printed as a book, broken down by tags or years? Who needs scrapbooking?
Anyway, Thursday was our actual anniversary. It’s impossible to think that 10 years have gone by!! It rained the morning of our wedding, I got in a fender binder in my friend Jenny’s car, our hair stylist got food poisoning and I forgot to stick our cake cutter in the reception box. Ha! BUT, you know if it’s your wedding day NONE of that matters at all! We had so much fun! It was rather large, and I am sure I’d do it differently if I were planning it now {the wedding, not the marriage, ;)!}, but I wouldn’t change the way it was for the world.
I was 20 years old and madly in love! That hasn’t changed. Except the 20 part!! ;) We have been so blessed in our relationship. It is something we work at and set as a priority, and we simply talk about everything. Jason is my very best friend. I am so grateful to have a husband who cares as much about marriage as I do. He makes us feel so special and loved. We’ve endured a lot, but we’ve done it together and I really think we have just been blessed. And I am thankful. {The 2nd photo below is the night we met in 1996!}

So … for our anniversary night we went out to dinner. We still had a lot to do for our party the following night, but we really wanted to spend the actual anniversary night alone. Jason got us in at Morton’s Steakhouse {I am a steak girl!} and it was so wonderful! My husband wants to “Yelp it” … ha! I don’t even know how to yelp. The service was amazing. From the moment we stepped foot inside it was “Mr. and Mrs. Garber this and that” … like everyone knew our names, even the dude pouring the water. We laughed. They also knew it was our anniversary and sort of made a big deal out it. They took this photo {which I edited b/c it was showing a tad too much. Note to self: dresses fit much differently on the top after baby!}. I thought it was sweet, especially since we didn’t have our camera.
The food was so good I ate everything on my plate – I literally thought I was going to pop.  I might even say it was better than Orange Hill {gasp!}. At the end of it all they comped our order for a  Grand Marnier soufflĂ©, which is my absolute favorite desert ever and the fact that they have it on the menu is one of the reasons Jason picked Mortons. On the way out I stopped in the ladies room and some random guy by the door shook Jason’s hand and wished him a happy 10 years. We sort of felt like celebrities – and nerds! The service really was THAT good and I think if you want a nice night out you should go to Mortons!
Enough restaurant advertising, you’d think I was getting paid for this post! We had a great night out and really enjoyed ourselves … and it was just the beginning.

On another note, Happy St. Patrick’s Day! We did our traditional Leperchun trap last night, but as always the stinker got away after turning some things into chaos in our living room. He left Josiah a funny note and gold coins! Jay was so excited when he woke up this morning. We had a green dinner {spinach casserole, I veered off the traditional St. Patty’s dinner}, we wore green clothes, we had green ice cream in green waffle cones courtesy of Baskin Robins. Jay had a party at school. It was a fun little day! I used this clip from Veggie Tales to show Josiah more about the purpose of the day and he and Ella both laughed at it. That’s a Shamrock on Jay’s head and Ella is giving you her popeye “chhheeeessseeeeeee” smile. 
Josiah made this by pokin' holes! Isn't it neat?
  And below is Ella last year!

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  1. Congratulations on ten years together. It's an amazing gift from God to find a partner that you can truly love and grow with for a lifetime. May you have at least 50 more years together.

    BTW, it amazes me that in some pictures I still see the 13 year old girl I knew years ago, and then in the next picture you look like a grown-up. You have an ageless beauty!