Sunday, March 20, 2011

10 years of marriage .:part two:.

Well, I wrote a whole post about our Friday night and it disappeared! I hate that!

Jason and I decided to renew our vows on probably day 3 of our honeymoon! We had so much fun planning our wedding – it was something we totally did together, so the idea of doing it again seemed exciting {or maybe we were just sad it was over – ha!}!
But … as the years progressed that idea faded and the thought of choosing to renew our vows, or rather making a re-commitment of our convent with one another and God … and do so in front of people who are invested in our marriage came forth.  So, what we did was something simple. We invited only our families and a few people who actively hold us accountable to God and each other.{If you don’t have an accountability partner you should get one!}. We wanted something intimate, casual and comfortable … something that didn’t represent a wedding at all. 
We asked our pastor to open by speaking about the importance of a covenant and what exactly it entails. We exchanged our “vows” to one another. We wanted to include the kids, but Ella had fallen asleep and Josiah decided he didn’t want to come up, so it was just us and Drew. ;)

We had a friend sing Train’s “Marry Me”, and another friend close in prayer.  

Jason said a few words, thanking those who pray for us and listen to us and love us and asked them to hold us accountable to our vows and the words spoken as we endure the next 10 plus years; then we asked everyone to join us for dinner {catered by Wood Ranch, so yummy!!}.
We choose Rebekah’s backyard as the location and her and Greg did SO MUCH {as always!} for us. I told her that when her and I first talked about using her yard I never realized how much actual work it would put on them … but they are such gracious people! She made sure every detail was taken care of so I could just sit and talk and enjoy myself. I love my friends!  

Rebekah and I also had lots of fun creating … we wanted a rustic picnic feel. And lots of lights and candles. It was beautiful, in my opinion anyway!  

We didn’t want a “guest book” per se, so we had each person fill out a sheet of paper giving their prediction for something that will happen in the next 10 years and we gave them a space to write a message for us to read on our 25th anniversary. Then they were to roll up their paper and drop them in an empty wine bottle, which we will crack and read years down the road.

I am so thankful for the night and for what it meant for us and that our family surrounded us and we were able to bless them a bit.

 This is us with my maid of honor {from our actual wedding} and our babies who are exactly 3 months apart!
 Here's a few of Ella and I. Josiah had all of his bestie's running around with him AND his favorite babysitter on hand, so he didn't want much to do with us!

It really was just a great simple night. We are SO lucky!


  1. That looks awesome, Traci! It's giving me ideas for my own 10th coming up in October. Offering prayers for many more such wonderful days for you and your family.

  2. What a beautiful evening! I especially loved your vows. Thanks for sharing!
    -EmilyBatt from HP