Monday, March 07, 2011

Bullet points for the lack of creativity

  • You know it’s bad when the husband comments on the lack of blogging taking place here. Life has been busy, but it’s always busy, isn’t it? Truth is I’ve just spent a lot of lately playing outside with my babies and studying. And sewing. Can you believe it?

  • Some boys are going to have another thing coming in about 15 years because Ella bean is simply madly in love with her big brothers and I don’t think any boy will ever meet their approval for her. She always wants to sit with/on Josiah, she wants to play with him, be with him, snuggle with him. If I take something away from him she gets it and sneaks it back to him in his room. When it comes to Drew she is just head over heels. He HAS to be holding her and cuddling her. I tried to take their photo and she would not take her eyes off of him. I pray we continue to foster these relationships as they grow older.

  • This week is a pretty big week for us … it’s been ten years since we said I DO!

  • I have a cracked tooth and I hate the dentist, so there’s a bad combo!! I went last week and must go back on Wednesday, probably looking at a root canel; I’ve never had one! I am scared! Ha! Thank Jesus I found a great Christian dentist {Thanks Carey!}.

  • It was Read Across America week! We’re currently reading Oliver Twist by Dickens. Josiah is so excited to start a new chapter each night! I am almost done with Radical. Have you read it? It’s very challenging!

      • Jason and I are about to begin a study of the Psalms of Ascent. I love how our bible studies have been going this year. It’s so easy to start a never finish something, but a whole different thing to create a habit!

      • We have officially started a band. We rotate instruments and mics, and sometimes it sounds more like yelling than singing, but Josiah has titled us “The Jet Packs”. ??? We rock and you might want to ask for an autograph now before we go worldwide.

      • My Sr. High Girls Discipleship Groups made prayer boxes for the future husbands. In it they can place letters to their future husband, standards they have set up to live by now in regards to their purity – heart and physically, as well as some other things. Hopefully on their wedding day they can stand before their husbands and give them their box, telling him they saved their whole hearts just for him. I am beyond blessed to know these sweet teens.

      Well, friends, it’s off to a game of backyard bowling. STRIKE!


      1. Thanks to the update, so sweet about E and her big bros. Happy Anniversary! Our tenth is drawing near too :)

      2. I hear ya, my sewing machine keeps calling my name. You have inspired me, I need to get it out and USE it :)