Monday, April 25, 2011

2000 miles and one left turn.

We took a family road trip last week – after Jason and I decided to forgo our larger anniversary trip we opted to use that earmarked money for a small family getaway.

It was nice for me, in the sense that I love driving through beautiful country and we saw A LOT of it! Our timeshare was on the lake, and if I am honest … I probably won’t visit that particular time share again; but for a first visit it was well worth the trip to just get away from the routine of life. We brought along a family friend - a youth leader that Jason is mentoring and one of Drew’s friends … Josiah refers to him as “brother 1 and a half”. So, the 6 of packed into our newly repaired {after a biziollon dollars and THREE different stays at the mechanic} truck and off we were.


- We went to see Bison and since we were in complete hickville we first got lost and then found a tree with a sign nailed to it that said “hitch post” {in English: park here}. We didn’t see a thing, so I made Jason and Drew get out … they find this old man who tells us that him and his son killed all the bison b/c of some situation with dope growers. And then he follows by telling us he thinks they shot the wrong ones. Um, okay? Thanks, we’ll be leaving now!!
- We took a day trip to San Fran and had about 10 stark naked old men ride by on bicycles. Neekkeeddddd! {I’ll spare you that photo!}
- We found a farm in our farm trail drive where everything was on the honor system. You picked what you wanted {in our case, onions} put the money in this bucket in the front of the room and took your change. It was just crazy to me that there really are places like that still. Apparently they don’t have the same issues with the dope growers – ha!
- I learned that the more children you have the harder it is to get everyone looking at the camera at once. Josiah is over his photo being taken, Ella wants to poke at the people standing next to her and Drew has pretty much gotten down the whole "just look at me and smile" thing.
- We grilled steaks and sleep in and went swimming and did all of the fun stuff that comes with just relaxing. But now I have to figure out how to get Ella back on her nap schedule. Boo!

And now I leave you with all the many amazing photo moments I had with those I love the most:

{also know as the man who shoots things!}

This face makes me laugh so hard!
Our state capitol.

You can view the full album here.

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