Monday, April 11, 2011

His “letter” and more.

This week the kinder and preppy K room moms hosted a spring teacher luncheon. Since I am in the first part of that equation it meant some school time for me. How sweetly surprised was I when my husband … uh hum, volunteered to spend his day hanging out at the school too. Love that man! Our teachers had made for them these really cool flowers with quotes from the students. The lady who wrote them was telling me that one of the students said “I love when Mrs. M puts on me red {read: bad news!} and keeps me on track” … now I am not for sure, but that sounds like my son! Ha!

Josiah had a dentist appointment and he was SO excited to go because A) they have video games and B) he gets to watch Sponge Bob while his teeth are being cleaned. I must confess I am the TV Nazi and don’t allow Sponge Bob {disrespectful words} in our home. Or Pheines and Ferb {bad sibling relationship}. Or pretty much anything I have not previously Tvio’d from PBS or Qubo or TBN {yes, they play great character building cartoons}. I have friends who tell me I am ridiculous. And I don’t really care … because I also have a son who, like Bob, is a sponge and will repeat and reenact anything and everything he hears. Anyway, off my soapbox … he was cavity free and left with a new passion for flossing. He was super proud! Although he did tell the dentist he eats 10 spoonfuls of salt a day {!?!}.

Ella has been such a goofball lately. Her personality is sure coming through and it’s big. This is her sitting inside the hamper. She wants to sit in anything and everything.

Andrew was awarded his Varsity letter and most improved player at his basketball banquet this year. As a sophomore on the team I think it speaks volumes to be recognized on a personal level! He has talent, no doubt.

On the drive there we saw this amazing rainbow ... beautiful!

As for me, I am debating making Flaxseed cookies. Any experience out there? The cookie part sounds great, and I put flaxseed in everything without much notice, but a whole cookie? I am just not sure how I feel about health desserts. Because sometimes you just need your husband to come home from the cutest little place in town and say “I picked up a cupcake for you b/c you’re my cupcake” then adore you as you shove dark creamy chocolate in your face. Just sayin’

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