Thursday, April 28, 2011

If I knew I could, I would ...

For five minutes straight we write, straight from the heart. No edits, no thinking. This weeks prompt: If I knew I could, I would ...
Move my family to a house in the country where I would milk my own cows {or goats?}, raise my own chickens, and have a big enough back yard that my kids could ride quads around. We’d be able to afford it because it would be smack dab in the middle of beautiful nowhere. I’d have to walk down the long driveway to get my mail. And I wouldn’t miss Target. {They ship anyway, right?}
And the most important part: this house of mine … lots of rooms. Rooms of which can be filled with children who need a home. Especially teenagers ready to age out of the foster system. They could come in, mend hearts and leave with a place to always come back to.
I would not be afraid of the unknowns. Of a new place. Of my skills as a mother. I would give all the love I could and not fear hurts I can’t control. I’d teach about Jesus.


  1. So beautiful. Thanks for sharing your heart. Glad to have found you over at Gypsy Mama's. Nice to meet you, new friend.

  2. that sounds awesome.

  3. Beautiful! That's a dream to reach for:)