Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The day that ended much better then it started!

 First off, Snoopy’s 3rd birthday was earlier this month and we celebrated Sunday night {Josiah doesn’t know the difference}. She got a doggie cake and a doggie beer {to celebrate “21 years”}. We sang! The kids loved it.

However, Monday morning … Jason opened the garage to get the pool stuff out and Snoopy flew out the door. Jason tried to track her down, she ran quickly and finally turned to look at him as he called her. She decided to come back and crossed a semi-major street and got hit by a SUV {who didn’t stop}. To us {and neighbors} it appeared that she was hit in her head, and she flew and twisted from the SUV to the grass. She seemed … okay!?! We took her to the emergency vet immediately, b/c no way could she have been okay with what had just happened. A huge bill later and x-rays & exams showed that she was fine. I can’t understand the what or how of it all, but aside from being traumatic for us, everything turned out good.

We had some friends come to hang and BBQ. The kids loved the bubbles. And the pool. Lots of comfortable chat and little kids laughter … a great ending!

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