Thursday, May 05, 2011

Ella bella, my dear. You are 18 months old.

And oh how my mommy heart wishes I could hold your 5 pound little self again, just for a minute.

You can say several words. You are still “behind” on a speech level – in fact your ped wants to possibly look into speech therapy for you! But I think we should just let you fill your shoes in your own time … and not obsess over it! Currently you say “Mama, Dada, Daddy, Brother {okay, you don’t actually say brother, but you say some sound that we know implies brother}, Bottle {same as with brother, but you use this sound for anything from water bottles to cups}, dog, eat, duck, baby, tea, tree, more, shoe, no, Minnie {that’s pretty much all you yell at any Disney location. MINNIE!},Barney, “Ta-da”{with the proper V shaped arms} and “dance”. You can make roar sounds for a lion, bark sounds for a dog, and MOOOOOOO for a cow.

You are in gymnastics and LOVE it. You literally throw a tantrum every time it’s time to leave. The nurses always told me you were a gymnast when I was preggo, b/c you would summersault around so much they couldn’t keep you on the heart monitors. Apparently, they were right.

You weight about 25 pounds and are in size 4 diapers. Size 5 shoes. Size 18-24 month clothing. You have a long torso {like me, sorry}, so larger shirts fit better.

You sleep about 11-12 hours at night and take one nap {1-2 hours, sometimes as long as 3}.

Your favorite food right now is absolutely strawberries. You amaze me by how much food you can down.

You are so funny and so much fun!

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  1. what a sweet little girl, you are truly blessed x