Wednesday, May 11, 2011

For the love of mom!

Is this photo just amazingly beautiful?? Not because we look all pretty and smiled {some of us, kind of} … but because I get to sit on my grass with my beautiful children! They each have such a special and unique place in my heart and I am soooooooo grateful for the opportunity to be called Mommy.

I can’t wait to show you what I got for Mother’s Day, but that’ll have to wait!

In other news, please scroll up to view photo#1. It was Mommy Day at school and Josiah and I had a blast. It was also the day we officially became the parents who forget to pick their children up at school. Yes, we did. Now, we didn’t “forget” he was at school …. We forgot that this particular minimum day ended at 11:30am, not 12:30pm. Thus in the middle of yard sale-ing {yes, we were!} we got that phone call from the not so happy teacher “Um, I have Josiah here … “. Thankfully, another mom that I car pool with was nearby, so I called her cell and she quickly turned around to go get my poor boy. Sigh. Good thing children forgive so easily! I should win an award I tell ya!  :/

I pray your Mother's Day was peaceful, regardless of your stage in life. Be blessed, friends!

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