Saturday, May 28, 2011


Josiah had missed some school because he was sick but we still went to open house. He was our “tour guide” and was excited to show us his work. While looking through his journal we saw a day that said “Mommy and Daddy went to a new psychiatrist" and then we turned the page to the next day which read “Mommy and Daddy told me they are getting married again” … oh, we laughed. {a. Josiah was accepted to a new therapy center and we did meet with his new psychiatrist and b. we renewed our vows}.

Friday was Jammies for Japan day {the kids got to wear their PJs if they collected money to send to help with Japan’s relief fund}.

Yesterday, Jason and I went on a movie/dinner date. I haven’t seen a movie in a theatre since Toy Story 3 last summer. Ella was a little jealous I was stealing her prince.

Today we hung out at the market place and chilled!

And I leave you with a memory from last weekend …

I had two little boys in the backseat of my car the other day {one being my son}. Suddenly I hear Josiah telling his buddy that he’s adopted {now, he never used the actual word adopted … he said something about coming out of another lady’s belly and she gave him to us and now we’re his family and I am sure this boy who knew nothing of any of this was wondering what on earth Jay was talking about and why I wasn’t interceding, but his only actual verbal reply was “oh, that’s cool”}. THEN, a minute later I hear little boy voice ask “Well, where do babies come from?”.


Especially from me.

“I think mommy’s tummies.” , some nodding of the heads I see happening in my rearview followed by a “ah-ha” in agreement.

And then further silence,

followed by “well, how do they GET OUT?”

{oh, dear Lord, please don’t let them ask me, please don’t let them ask me}.

More silence.

Then a thoughful reply of “I think Ella got out of your mommies tummy because some one karate chopped her and the baby flew out” Josiah corrects with “No, that’s not right. The doctor cut open my mommy, pulled out Ella and then put my mommies belly back on”.


{Oh my word! Why I am always alone when this stuff happens? Maybe I should turn the radio up}.

“So, you wanna play football when we get to the park?”

Thus, the moral … babies either come from removing of the belly or karate chops. Take note.

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  1. That is hilarious!! I love listening in on conversations like that!!