Friday, May 06, 2011

Motherhood Should Come With …


Maybe a person who comes in once a week and lets you sleep?

I happen to feel that motherhood pretty much came with everything. Everything I wanted and dreamed of and hoped it would be. Is it perfect? No sir! There are tears and yelling and some serious lack of patience. But it is absolutely worth every single minute.

I waited a long time to be a mom. So all of those bumps in the road can approach full force and I would still be beyond thankful for the journey.

But sleep, I can use uninterrupted sleep. Especially in the baby days. So, that I’d take.

I can think of many things that could finish that statement, but if I am honest … the moment I became “mom” everything wonderful and beautiful and miraculous in the world also came into my life.



  1. Motherhood IS miraculous. It is something so hard to bottle up and tell an expecting mom that she will experience. So glad to hear so many moms praise motherhood today!