Tuesday, June 14, 2011

end of year teacher gift.

I have actual news to share with you someday, but while my Mod Podge is drying I thought I'd give you a little somtin’! Plus, it’s rather hard to work on a computer that looks like this:

Yes, that blackness that is spreading across my monitor would be cracks in the screen b/c I decided to save my baby from chocking rather than catch the falling laptop. Luckily for us, we ruin computers often and opted to pay for the 'we can do anything to it and you’ll fix it' warranty. Sadly, the fixing takes 2 weeks and we have some stuff going on before we can turn it in.

ANYWAY, 2 more days of school {I have a whole slew of summer stuff to share with you!}, and tomorrow is Jay’s last day with his actual Preppy K teacher { Preppy K is a kinder intervention program in a public school; same curriculum as Kinder, just different grading and next year he’ll be in full day kinder}. Thus, the end of the school year gift.

First, Jay painted a ceramic pot black. I used a white pen to write on the pot … trying to get a chalkboard affect. {A+ teacher and her name}

We glued a tape measure around the top {I actually purchased a tape measure from the sewing section of the craft store b/c it was cheaper!}.

Made little circle tags with the printer and some cardstock. Glued them to pencils.

Made a school type ruler … did it this way b/c we couldn’t find a simple one at the craft store, and again … it was cheaper.

Bought a flower with a 2-day .79 cent coupon at Armstrong’s. Used potting soil from home.

Stuck some extra pencils in the soil along with our tags.

And ta-da!

All for under $10.

I actually saw something like this in a magazine once and I tried to burn it in my head, thus our own creation.

Hope she likes it!


  1. As a teacher, I can tell you that she will LOVE it!! Soooooooo cutie!

  2. Sorry about the computer screen...my dh would have such a fit! But that's life with the little ones...oh, and your teacher's gift? It is so beautiful, I love it! You've got great creative talent traci, truly you do! ...oh, and hi qtipper!!!