Tuesday, July 12, 2011

4th of July on the lake

Some sweet friends invited us to their vacation home in Big Bear to celebrate the 4th of July/ my birthday. We {of course} accepted! {side note: 4th of July is my one of my favorites, aside from it being my b-day! I made both of the kids outfits ... loved 'em!}

We left Sunday after church and got to their house early {they didn’t arrive until late that night}, so we explored and ate dinner at a local place Jason and I eat at whenever we’re there. This was the first time Jason & I had ever been at their house up there, however Josiah went with them last winter to decorate their Christmas tree, so he eagerly gave us a “tour”. In one of the guest rooms they have this full mirror which Ella got the biggest kick out of. At first, I think she was confused, then she noticed if "she" danced, then the "baby" danced too! Soooo funny! Can you see her kissing the baby?

On Monday we had a leisurely breakfast, the girls napped {it was my birthday, I am allowed a nap!} and then put the boat in the lake for a day on the water. We spent all day out there – anchoring to eat and then again to get our perfect spot to watch the fireworks. I had previously read about the fireworks show up at the lake, so I was really anticipating it – and it did not disappoint! The finale was not like anything I’d ever seen before, and because we were in the mountains the sound “effects” were awesome! I do get motion sickness {can’t get to Catalina without puking! – tho I’ve always seemed to do okay on the lake}, but we said a little prayer and I didn’t feel one ounce of sickness and was able to enjoy the whole thing. I was really thinking Ella was going to freak when the boat first took off – I was ready for her to need to adjust before enjoying the ride … but true to her water baby ways she was laughing hysterically from the get go. The faster we went the more she laughed. Cracked us up! And I am pretty certain the highlight of Josiah’s LIFE was driving the boat. Our friend Andy is a police officer, so Josiah keeps telling everyone he drove a police mans boat. Ha!

We got in late that night, and thanks to the hubs and our friends, ate some b-day cake. {Oh, I left out the part where I got a new swimsuit – thanks Sandra! – my first non-maternity swimsuit since Ella. Last summer I didn’t buy one b/c weight wise I was still off. This year, things are better – ha!}.

The next morning we had breakfast and planned on boating again, but on our way back in from town we hit some serious rain and a thunder storm, so the lake was a definite out!

We got back home late Tuesday, relaxed and happy. Their home has no media {TV, radio, phone, computer, etc.} AND our cells didn’t work up there – and that was just wonderful. We’ve been meaning to incorporate no media days at home, but it never happens. So we finally had it. :) Josiah did throw up on the way home {apparently the motion sickness reverted to him?}, but he was fine once we got to the bottom of the mountain. Of course, I could have done without the cleaning up of vomit, but that’s what being a parent means, isn’t it? And I’ll take it!

We arrived home to our house looking like this, thanks to Drew& a few youth peeps {Ryan, Kelli, Annabel? …. I am not exactly sure who!?}. Jason had been “gifting” me with sweet little things for days prior to my birthday … lotions and sprays I would never splurge on for myself but make me feel pampered and pretty! So thankful to be surrounded by wonderful people who made my birthday a special one!

31 years down!

Romans 1:19-20  { 19 They know the truth about God because he has made it obvious to them. 20 For ever since the world was created, people have seen the earth and sky. Through everything God made, they can clearly see his invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature. So they have no excuse for not knowing God. }

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