Thursday, July 14, 2011

the birthdays continue!

We’ve been keeping it low key since getting back from the mountains.

I love that when I walk in the room, I often find Ella in her bed, doing this:

Last week we did a sunscreen craft where we finger painted with sunscreen on construction paper and set the paper out in the sun for several hours. I wanted to teach Josiah about the importance of sunscreen and show him the power the sun has. The construction paper faded big time except where the sunscreen was applied.

We had planned on meeting some friends at the beach for our family outing, but opted to stay home and swim in the backyard instead {and it seems like that was a good decision b/c our friends told us after that it was super windy at the beach and they couldn’t even get a bonfire lit. }

Last Thursday my girlfriend Rebekah and I had plans to get a sitter and have lunch {adult talk, yay!}, however she ended up treating me to lunch on the beach in Crystal Cove and some girl time at Roger’s Gardens for my birthday. {We even got to watch dolphins out in the water as we waited for our table!}

On Friday my family made us dinner and surprised us with an awesome birthday gift that we can’t wait to use! Has anyone ever been in a hot air balloon??? Together, we're 68 this year!

Saturday we went to the wiener dog races {for real} with some friends and Sunday went swimming and had another birthday dinner and cake, thanks to our sweet amigos! Can’t have too much cake! {I had to post the pic of the shirt below ... the whole row of people in front of us were wearing it ... cracked me up!}

I can’t believe it’s already mid-July :)

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