Saturday, July 09, 2011

ending of June, begining of the fun ...

Summer started with a busy bang, and I must admit that it’s been energizing for me.  Above, my friends, is our summer bucket list {it includes 16 items, things like kite flying, camping, learning to ride a bike without training wheels, a waterpark {{someone JUST gave us 4 tickets to a waterpark – isn’t that awesome!}}, tye-dying shirts, etc.}. Yup, we framed them for the wall! ;}

We hope to randomly get through these things before school starts. Our summer days need to be somewhat structured for Josiah’s sake. We both are more sane and productive and happier if things are planned. So, for his sake, he’s sticking to his “routines” … morning routine, bedtime routine, quiet time routine, etc. Every day we’re doing 4 worksheets of school work {or “summer work” as Jay calls it}, as well as our character training when Daddy get’s home {we are using Our Family 24 Ways}. Every week we have a movie day {the $1 theatre for summer}, craft day {which sometimes takes 2 days depending on the craft}, cooking day {where Josiah helps/ makes the meal}, and family outing day. As a family, we also try to hit up a movie on the beach or a concert in the park each week. We also like to do at least one day playing with friends. It sounds like a lot now that I am typing it … but my first rule is that we NEVER HAVE to do anything we’re not up for … it’s summer! And some days you want to drink lemonade and sit out back until the sun goes down. More than anything I want a memorable summer and opportunities for us to have fun; rather than days of boredom and us all staring at each other, or worse ... at the TV.

In addition to that we have also joined My Gym, which I cannot speak highly enough of. We first visited the facility for an open house and fell in love. My parents did as well, and they came to us, offering to pay for both of the kids to be enrolled through summer … thus the new gymnastics class and the karate. Aside from the scheduled classes we are allowed to attend free play during the week, which both of my kids LOVE so much.

Here is a sample of last week:

We went and saw Charlotte’s Web at the theatre. Josiah cried. Twice.

We made crafts

We planted pumkin seeds

We went to a concert at the park with neighbors

Ella started bycotting the high chair

We had a family outing to Independence Hall {& then lunch at Johns Incredible Pizza}

We cooked inside out turkey wraps and worked mainly on –an words {pan, man, etc.}. Good times! ;)

Other summer stuff includes Grandma’s birthday

Drew’s bball summer league

And lots of snuggles

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