Sunday, July 24, 2011

God is wild about you!

Last week was our church’s VBS and it was exhausting and wonderful all at the same time. Our church ran the “Pandamania” curriculum … and my husband was Panda Pete. Such a trooper is he {shhh … I think he had a blast himself!} Jason and I along with one of our youth leaders ran the drama/ story time room and we showed those kids what it was like to sit inside a the belly of a {stinky} fish {pretty certain I stunk of sardines all day}, to hide from Roman soldiers, to have empty arms like Hannah, to build an alter and make a sacrifice {of candy, of course!}, and to create as God did when he breathed this world into existence. We {as in, us adults} had a lot of fun!  
 This is the drama / story time room leaders! We rocked!

 Jason dressed up a Peter for one of our dramas.

 Ella is laughing here! She loved Panada!

Ella and Josiah had fun too … it is so fun for me to watch Ella with other people. She did so well with her crew and they got a kick out of her dance moves. {I guess ya’ll don’t believe me when I say we dance at home pretty much daily!}. Ella however, did NOT like watching her daddy get pie'd and it was the one and only time she cried and needed mommy! Ha! Josiah wanted to know why he didn’t get to be the one to push the pie into daddy’s face!

And the most fun??? Shoving a pie in my husband’s face. The girls brought in more tithe than the boys … thus Panada Pete got to meet a pie.

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