Friday, July 22, 2011

the perfect 10.

About 6 weeks ago we started a “diet” … I use the term diet loosely, because it is more like a change in the way of eating then a diet anything. Our friends had read this book and were in week 3 or 4 of it, with very obvious results. We typically only purchase whole foods for our house, but we did eat out some {low cost fast food = bad!} and we didn’t “plan” lunches well. Jason ate out a lot with his co-workers. Soooo … we needed this to give us a more defined track.

Jason has been working out constantly for like the last 2 years and was at a weight loss plateau and while I am at a weight I like I do have baby belly still and more importantly am still on a very high dose of my thyroid hr drugs {I’ve stayed at my 9 month pg dose}, and I very much want to change that!

So, we caved and bought the book … The Perfect 10 {as in balancing your 10 key hormones}. The book completely discusses how processed foods affect our hormones which affect our weight. I really like how we took the time to learn about foods prior to starting the diet.

Jason has had awesome results and has already reached the half way mark to his goal weight {he’s lost about 20lbs, wants another 20 off}. More importantly, we FEEL so much better! And I am finding myself craving the “good” food.

A lot of people have been asking about what we’re doing {since my hubs turned into his skinny self} and then they ask “is it hard?” … he will tell you NO! So, will I, but I totally cheat on this plan!! {While the majority of my food intake is whole natural food – I do eat sweets when brought to me, not in home, but out. And I haven’t given up my creamer in my morning tea!} … but Jason is sticking to his path {with a slight bite here and there} and it has been easy. The foods we’re eating at home are wonderful and healthy and yummy. I am sure the fact that we’ve been whole and organic mostly around here made it an easy transition.

So, if you’re interested in my “professional” input {ha!}, here’s what I love most about this plan

• Simpleness. Whole, natural, real foods. If you don’t know what’s on a label don’t buy it. You should only be eating “real” foods. I love this because it makes it easy to include my children in our food plans – we all eat the same thing. And in the midst of that I am teaching my kids about being healthy and the benefits whole foods. {foods are also okay for pregnancy, etc. … giving the best from the beginning}

• Realness. There are no crazy food gimmicks … what we’re eating now we can literally eat for the rest of our life. It’s a way of eating, not a diet. It’s not full of weird ideas that can’t be continued years down the road. There is no special food to buy, no points, etc. It is not expensive. Healthful eating is a habit, and this book teaches about the whys and how’s of what we eat.

• Fat. It’s not about weight. It’s about being healthy. Feeling good. Natural energy.

The hardest part, honestly, has been the planning. Plan ahead. Pack lunch. Etc.

So … I’ll share with you some of my favorites. This is one of our fav dinners. SO Y U M M Y!!

And one of our constant lunch cravings is a recipe straight out of the book, but I’ll give you my verison, since I make it so often we don’t really look up the recipe anymore.

{Chicken wraps}
I cut up and grill small pieces of chicken {and I mean tiny!}. Mix with about a half cup of sour cream, some fresh parsley, a small handful of sunflower seeds, chopped green onions, a tad of Cheyenne pepper, a bit more than a tad of nutmeg {told you I don’t follow a recipe! Ha!}, cranberries, hmmmm … I think that’s it. So mix it all up and throw it on a big ol’ piece of lettuce {Romaine or Butter lettuce, no ice burg!} and eat it like a taco. SOOOOOOOOOOOO good. And I seriously crave it!

And for dessert/ snack/ something we just eat once a day when it’s hot …
We call it {banana cream}! A frozen banana {I freeze them in the morning, and they’re good by night … just pull the peel off and stick ‘em in a freezer bag!}, some coconut milk {do you know how good coconut is for you?} and some cinnamon to taste {cinnamon too!}. Blend to the consistency of ice cream. Yum!

And I leave you with some of my favorite whole food blogs … {these have nothing to do with this particular diet, these are just blogs that have been some of my food go-to's for the last few years!}
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And lastly, here’s a great post on switching to whole fat, like we have.

Happy eating!

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