Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Things I will never understand this side of heaven.

You know those times when you are breathing in something A W F U L and everything inside of you tells you to stop for your own sanity or peace of mind or something but your heart tells you that you must keep pressing through because this is R E A L?

I read this blog.

From start to finish.

I couldn’t stop. But oh, how I wanted to. I cried. I neared anxiety. I thought about the casket I picked out with my husband and wondered why they weren’t offered ones just as precious.

I hate hearing about things so terrifying and so heartbreaking and so horrible because I don’t want to believe they happen. It’s easier to chase butterflies like life is a happy place.

But there is a mother tonight who is missing her beautiful boy. Who did things I cannot fathom a mother actually having to do. And so I read. And since then, I’ve prayed.

I’d ask you to do the same. Because some stories need to be shared. And breathed in.

I am holding my kids a little tighter tonight.

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