Monday, September 12, 2011


Josiah started Kindergarten last week. He is at a new school {which at first I was bummed about, but have since made peace with}, and because it is so close we can walk there and home. He was very excited that he got to each lunch at school {not something he did at Preppy K} and that he got to play on the playground. Ha!

For the first day parents are encouraged to stay for the morning, so Jason and I tagged along. We did several activities with him and it was really nice. When it was time for the parents to leave, his teacher made the announcement and all these little kids broke out in tears with a general unison cry of “Mommy, don’t go!”.  Josiah gave us a hug and was pretty much like “peace out parents!”. Ha! I have a feeling that Ella is going to be the exact opposite of that.

Anyway, he’s done well since and I really like his teacher. We have 6 moms that stepped up for room mom {as opposed to last year = 1!}, so I am really excited to be working along side them and the teacher for a great year! Jay and daddy planted a flower in the kinder garden, so pray it blooms nicely and doesn’t end up a dud; I think *that* might make him cry! ;)
And just for fun, here’s last year and this year:

{I'm having uploading issues obviously. So, until I can get these photos rotated, please turn your head when viewing! :) }

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