Monday, September 05, 2011

See you summer!

Heres a few end of summer photos. I have a lot I need to catch up on photo wise, so I can keep our memories recorded … but for now …
Drew started his Jr. year last week. That’s just crazy. We were just talking about how he was exactly Ella’s age {a few months shy of 2} when I met him!

Ella has this thing where she puts on an outfit {and she always want to wear frilly skirts}, and she gets the camera and stands up and says “I smile”{thus mommy take a photo NOW}.

We painted rocks {per Jay’s summer bucket list}

And we *made* kites. My kids are easy to please!

Josiah’s psychologist has us using a “calm down corner” {think time out} … but Ella always wants to join him and I find them like this!

On this week’s agenda: kindergarten!! I’m trying to settle on back to school traditions. One thing I can’t wait to start is this:  Minus the whole kissing hands book. My vision is to trace his hand on each day of his first day of school, from K to Senior year and having them on a ring. Cool, I think! I wish I had done it when Drew was little!  What do you do?

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