Friday, September 02, 2011

Summer camp!

A couple of weekends back we took the youth to summer camp at Forest Home. I personally had a lot of fun, and I think the youth did as well. Josiah and Ella stayed with my parents, so I felt a bit free :) … and I used that freedom to go ziplining. I won’t lie, I was scared to death {super afraid of heights and the process of climbing up to some super high platform and then JUMPING OFF = no fun!}. But I LOVED it, and had no problem going off the 2nd platform. Jason and I went side by side, but I don’t have any photos … am waiting on those from another youth leader! The campground was beautiful!

The girls in my car for the ride home ... we completely missed our freeway b/c we were taken by the huge sign for a pot expo. Really? A pot expo!!??

Us & Drew {who I really didn't see ALL weekend!lol}

Mi Amigos {youth leaders}
Excuse my super sexy look here; my eyes were burning like crazy, thus no make up and glasses!

Me & one of my oldest friends Cara - we camped with her church.

The girls!

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