Monday, September 19, 2011

the truth!

When people find out my husband is a pastor they seem to think we are some super spiritual family. {And then they have these unreal standards for us, but that’s a whole another post}. Anyway, I wanted to share how incredibly not spiritually {anything romotely close to} perfect we are.

Exhibit A

I was over 45 minutes late to church a few Sundays ago. I was headed out the door and ran back in my room to get my sunglasses. In the super mini second it took me to do that, Ella managed to do this.

{And as a side note, the youth pastors wife does typically drop her kids off in kids church LATE. Every week. Can you believe that??}

Exhibit B

The other night during bible time Josiah spent about 15 minutes in prayer about bad guy transformers, the dog kept bringing me a wet chew sock to play fetch and Ella spent the whole time trying to pull my top off. I have no clue what scripture we read.

But we’ll try again each day. And that, I think, is what *really* matters. God's not looking for perfect anyway.

{Currently, we’re using this and this for our family bible time. Great resources!}

{{I realize our blog layout is a tad screwy right now ... working on it!}}

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  1. Way to go for taking pictures first! Thanks for being real!