Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Blessing those who curse you {or washing Judas' feet as my husband would call it}

So, I am going through my old draft file in my posts bin ... and I have 18 posts never published! This one is from 2006!! I have no idea where I was taking it, but the word still spoke to me today. Enjoy! :)

Blessing those who curse you. Do you have someone who you know curses you? I do. How to bless them? Fakeness, ignore them (thus blessing them by not saying the things you are trying so hard to keep inside your mouth), etc., etc.???? It's hard when someone contiunally takes advantage of you or uses you or tries to manipulate you - are you to allow them to do it time and time again?

Let's not misunderstand blessing. If we say something we don't mean, our blessing just turned into deception. Blessing is never fake flattery. Blessing can never be deceiving. Blessing runs the gamut from encouraging others, to praying for one another, to speaking the truth in love.

Read this: (A definition of eulogeo (Greek word for blessing), from the Complete Word Study of The New Testament)
"Of God toward men, to bless, i.e., to distinguish with favor .... When the subject is God, His speaking is action, for God's speech is energy released"

Consider how we might occasionally take God's example. As parents, for instance, sometimes we bless our children by not letting them have their own way. However we are wrong to speak unkindly or abusively to them in the process.

I read a quote this morning that said "It's okay to make mistakes, it's only failure when you start blaming other people". I cut it out and put it under my mat on my desk; I think I need the daily reminder. I'm learning a lot about the power of my tounge - that what I say can be a "blessing" or how my careless words can actual hinder. I don't ever want to stand in the way of God.

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