Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Josiah, you are S.I.X.!

You are in your second month of kinder and you love it.

Your favorite movie is Toy Story.

Your favorite place to eat is John’s Incredible Pizza.

Your favorite foods are Mac n’ cheese and pizza {thus the above}.

Your favorite thing to do is puzzles. You’re rockin’ 300 piece puzzles right now.

You love cars. Race tracks. And dirt.

You love playing in water.

You love reading books {and being read too}.

You like to do crafts.

You mostly play well with your siblings. And friends.

You like to build. And help bake.

You are wearing some 5Ts and some 4/6 big boy clothes!

This year has been challenging and lots of fun. You are so much more independent and like to do things on your own which has been fun to watch.  You recently had 2 diagnoses added to your bill {ODD and RAD … funny how everything is initialed}. We think these {and the others} are things you can overcome and make you part of who you are and someday you will do amazing things in spite of and because of the challenges you face. You love Jesus so much and there really is something to be said for the childlike faith that fills your heart. You preach to others, uninhibited. You care so much for other people and really think about things that you can do to bless others. You use really big words that make me smile constantly.  Right now, you say that when you grow up you want to be the person who looks after Ella … that is your current career of choice. ;) You love your morning snuggles. And your Ampa’s eggs {not Mommy’s!}. And best of all, you love to sing and play music and dance. You make US fun!

I love you buddy and am so excited to watch you grow!! I am SO thankful that God has entrusted you to us!! 

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